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Arrow Crafter font

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Arrow Crafter font

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Arrow Crafter font zip file contents

Font NameDateFile Size
Arrow Crafter.otf 2015-10-04 11 KB
Arrow Crafter Character Key.pdf 2015-10-04 87 KB
Arrow Crafter License.txt 2015-10-04 419 B
Arrow Crafter Tips.txt 2015-10-04 715 B

Arrow Crafter font

Font Details

Thank you for downloading the Arrow Crafter dingbat font. Here are some tips to help you use it more efficiently and enjoyably.

* Shift characters are arrow heads?* Non-shift characters are arrow tails
* A few characters can be used as either heads to tails
* 0-9 are shaft sections
* A-M and a-m are right facing
* N-Z and n-z are left facing
* a number of pieces do not have attached shaft sections or stubs. These work well for wrapping text to a path or for when you want to change the proportions of an element with respect to the shaft.
* a Character Key PDF is included in the folder. Print it out for easy reference.

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Arrow Crafter font download, Arrow Crafter font.